Cloud-Based Accounting

Leading Edge prides itself on being Cloud-Based Accounting experts.

We partner with Xero, a leading world-class accounting software that brings you easy, hassle-free & accurate accounting solutions. Our custom designed solutions ensure that you have up-to-date and relevant accounting information which enables you to make decisions that maximize your business value.



The Xero functionality includes:

Automated Daily Business Tasks
Easy to use Mobile App
Bank Reconciliation
Inventory Tracking
Information Security
Pay Runs
And much, much more.

Get in touch to let us elevate your business with Cloud-Based Accounting.

Cloud-based accounting allows you access to your most important business figures and key numbers on demand. You can access this information anywhere, anytime, if you have access to the internet.

Log in using your web-based browser from any device, or via the user-friendly mobile app for your phone our tablet.
Cloud-based accounting removes the element of time-consuming and redundant administrative tasks. Cloud-based accounting provides you on demand access to real-time data, helping you interact with your business’s finances and figures on a regular basis to assist the decision-making process.
Cloud-based applications and software encrypts your connection when data is transferred. Your information is encrypted on your device before it is sent to remote servers, and again when the information is sent back to you. In short, your data can’t be intercepted by a third party. Making cloud-based accounting safe.
Xero partnered with CloudConvert, the conversion experts, to help you simplify the move. They’ll convert up to 24 months of your accounts for free – for a seamless transition to beautiful accounting software.

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